Photovoltaic Telecom Systems

Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy is the key to cost effective off-grid power systems. Our team is THE international specialist for off-grid PV systems and solutions. This also includes powering of telecommunication systems. We have an in-depth understanding of these systems making us a valued partner for provision of solar powered telecom systems. Our expert PV technical teams have extensive experience and expertise in designing tailor-made PV systems for remote areas. Our product range is selected specifically for the electrification of rural areas and comprises products from the worlds leading and most innovative manufacturers for off-grid PV components.

  • Up-front purchase of 25 years of fuel guarding against price and availability fluctuations (25 year power warranty on the solar array)
  • Avoids or significantly reduce the need to regularly transport bulky and heavy fuel to inaccessible remote locations
  • Vastly reduce running and O&M costs
  • Unmanned automatic operation for the solar system
  • Energy available on demand, not dependent upon generator starting & stopping
  • Can be installed in conjunction with a wind or diesel generator as a hybrid system
  • Modular and scaleable systems to suit load characteristic
  • Environmental benefits (clean & silent)

The ability to provide continuous power in any environment makes solar systems perfekt for telecommunication systems of any size and any type. From remote data management or microwave relay statons up to radio or television transmitters, PV systems are the best long term solution with the best cost-performance ratio. The solar system can be designed for brief intermittent use as well as for long term power supply of a television station day and night.

Our solar systems are very dependable and have low maintenance requirements. Solar power systems do not have moving parts to break like generators. They also work silently, with no noise or air pollution. Their life cycle costs are significantly lower than generators. PV powered telecommunication systems pay off.

Due to our high quality manufacturers of solar modules, electronics, batteries and installation materials, we can offer you a solar power system that meets the highest quality requirements. This quarantees the highest reliability of the systems and the telecom application. Because of the expertise and experience of our team, we can support you from project planning to system design and to the implementation in all technical and project management aspects.

We are working together with high quality manufacturers.

  • Inverters: Studer (Swiss), Victron (Netherlands), SMA (Germany)
  • Batteries: Hoppecke (Germany), Solifant (Germany)
  • Electronics: Steca (Germany), Phocos (Germany), Outback (Australia)
  • Solar modules: Bosch (Germany), REC (Norway), Solifant (Germany), Strom (Canada)
  • Mounting racks: Schletter (Germany), Schüco (Germany), BayWa (Germany)

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